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Biden Fundraiser, Adviser to Bernie Sanders Switches to Republican Party: ‘Changed From Its Ideals’



President Joe Biden is losing support in the polls. Adding salt to the wound, Fox News reports that several longtime Democratic leaders are walking away from the party.

Will Pierce, a former Biden fundraiser and senior adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders, recently announced he has decided to join the GOP. Sanders left the DNC several years ago.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, Will Pierce said, “Over the years, the [Democratic] Party has changed from its ideals.”

Piece shared a harsh assessment of Democratic ideology with the Daily Caller, claiming the party is dominated by “elites in affluent hubs” who are “out of touch” with most voters.

“People in the Democratic Party, they just do not understand about the needs of [us] all,” he added.

His statement echoed Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who left the Democratic Party in 2022. previously reported that 80 state legislators have switched from the Democrat to Republican since 1994.

Pierce added: “I personally view politics as a game of ideas, and you have to get to 50% plus one and unite people all the way around. If you look at the Democratic Party right now, they’d rather divide people in boxes and label them rather than unite them.”

In his opinion piece in the Daily Caller, Pierce cited his extensive experience working in the higher echelons of the Democratic Party. Pierce noted he “spearheaded Joe Biden’s exploratory effort in 2015” and served as senior adviser to senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Arguing that his experience qualifies him to make an assessment, Pierce said: “If you look at today … the Democrats care more about what’s happening in Kyiv than what’s going on at the southern border. They care about more about ideological stuff, such as who you are. … it’s more about basically what you are – your gender, your race, etc., than who you are as a person.”

Pierce also criticized how Democratic operatives labeled concerned parents “domestic terrorists” and favor a parental hands-off/no-input approach to implementing progressive initiatives in the classroom.

In an interview on Fox News, Pierce pointed to President Biden and Democratic policies as lead factors in America’s current poor economic outlook.

“If you look at where we are as a people,” Pierce said, “[Biden] has not done what he promised to do or does as he’s supposed to do as president. He is supposed to unite us, and instead, he’s dividing us, and it just starts at the top.”

Fox News reported the following Democratic politicians have left the Democratic Party this year: Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, West Virginia lawmaker Elliott Pritt, Georgia lawmaker Mesha Mainor, North Carolina lawmaker Tricia Cotham and Louisiana lawmaker Francis Thompson.

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