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Cause Of Death Revealed For Pastor’s Wife Who Was Casually Announced Dead At End Of Sermon, Sparking Suspicion Online



The wife of Pastor John-Paul Miller, Mica Miller, tragically passed away from what has been described as a “self-inflicted gunshot wound.” Her death occurred just days after she initiated divorce proceedings against her husband.

The pastor shocked attendees of a recent service when, despite appearing jovial and relaxed, he somberly disclosed the circumstances of his wife’s death, describing it as “self-induced.”

Users on X swiftly pointed out the bizarre nature of the announcement.

The Daily Mail reported that Mica, aged 30, was discovered deceased at Lumbee River State Park, North Carolina, on April 27. 

Her demise followed shortly after she had shared a video online addressing issues of abuse within marriage, amidst emerging claims that she was facing harassment and felt “afraid for her life.”

She emphasized “Abuse is abuse, regardless of gender” in the video, and offered support to those facing similar challenges.

Supporters, including friends and family, organized a rally in response to her untimely passing, demanding “justice for Mica” outside the Solid Rock Church where Pastor Miller, 44, serves.

Robeson County Medical Examiner Dr. Richard Johnson affirmed to ABC News, “Based on the nature of the wound, it is consistent with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. And it was not in the back of the head, as it has been speculated.”

The outlet reported that Mica had filed police reports in March against an unnamed individual, accusing them of harassment. She had expressed fear for her safety, citing instances of surveillance and vandalism directed towards her.

Pastor Miller first made headlines after he addressed his congregation at Solid Rock at Market Common Church in South Carolina, revealing his wife’s death and characterizing it as “self-induced” following Mica’s passing. 

He then abruptly ended the service, announcing his intention to take a hiatus without further elaboration.

We need to talk about Mica Miller. She was married to South Carolina Pastor John Paul Miller but filed for divorce before being found dead from a gunshot wound at a state park.

John Paul gave an entire sermon where he talked about how handsome and great he is before telling the…— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) May 4, 2024

Mica’s family has contested Pastor Miller’s characterization of the event as suicide.

Her sister Sierra Brown, 28, asserted to the Daily Mail in an interview last week that the family refrained from issuing any statements until the investigation concluded. 

Brown emphasized, “The one thing I would say is that he has said it was an official suicide, that is not the case. There’s still an open investigation.”

Kenn Young, a friend of Mica’s, is another individual among those seeking clarity regarding the circumstances surrounding her death.

“This has to be at least looked into deeply. There’s got to be some accountability here,” he voiced to WPDE. “Because yeah, a tragic life was lost, and it’s not just as simple as mental health issues.”

Miller’s sisters have also hinted at uncertainties surrounding her death, posting with the caption “#JusticeforMica.”

“There is a lot of talk already going on so I want to set the record straight. Our sister Mica Miller passed away yesterday,” one sister, Sierra Francis, wrote on social media.

“’Please do not listen to false stories being shared about her. Mica was a God-fearing, joyful, loving woman,” she added.

Daily Mail highlighted that Mica’s obituary, composed by Miller, who has a criminal record including multiple counts of aggravated assault and battery to which he pleaded guilty, omitted any mention of the couple’s separation.

He instead depicted his wife as a “great stepmother, and an amazing wife and helpmate,” and portrayed her as his biggest supporter.

Miller reaffirmed that his wife had taken her own life in an interview with ABC15. “She had struggled with suicide before,” he stated. 

“Each time we would help her through it and take her to the doctor, and we got through it and everything was fine,” he added. “She even gave a few testimonies here at church that we have on video. She battled suicide but God took care of her and got her through it.”

The pastor went on to express that she was “probably the greatest wife anyone could ask for” and recounted nights spent engaged in hours of conversation.

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