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Coroner Reveals Why ‘King of The Hill’ Actor’s Cause of Death Can’t Be Determined



Johnny Hardwick, the actor known for his role in King of the Hill, was found deceased in his home last August. The medical examiner’s report, as per TMZ, could not ascertain the cause of death due to the body’s advanced state of decomposition.

Hardwick was discovered in his bathtub in August, at 64 years old. The autopsy could not pinpoint the factors leading to his demise because of “extensive decompositional changes.”

“The water was running but the drain was open, and he was not actually submerged at the time of his death,” TMZ reported. The autopsy revealed no clear signs of trauma. A toxicology report indicated a “presumptive positive test for cannabinoids,” though the specific substance was not disclosed. Authorities found drugs at the scene, but their exact nature remains unspecified.

Hardwick’s physical condition at the time of his death was notably frail; he stood 5’7″ tall and weighed a mere 100 pounds. Texas police had been summoned to Hardwick’s residence for a welfare check, which led to the grim discovery. The individual who raised the alarm has not been identified publicly. Investigators saw no apparent reason to suspect foul play.

Hardwick’s dedication to his role as Dale Gribble in Mike Judge’s King of the Hill was evident; he voiced the character in 258 episodes, missing only one throughout the show’s run. Although listed as a contributor for the series’ revival, it is unclear if he completed any recording for the project before his untimely death.

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