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Michelle Obama Favored As Joe Biden Replacement If He Drops Out, New Survey Finds



In a recent survey gauging potential successors to 81-year-old Joe Biden, Michelle Obama emerged as the preferred choice among Democrats, surpassing figures like Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, and Hillary Clinton. 

Despite repeatedly stating her disinterest in political office and expressing apprehension about the current political climate, Obama has not addressed mounting speculation about her candidacy if Biden were to step down.

Obama garners significant support, with 20% of Democrats viewing her as a preferable alternative to Biden, yet the party remains fragmented in its preferences.

As outlined by The Washington Examiner, Democrats “like the idea of replacing” the incumbent President. And they would approve of “finding another candidate to replace Joe Biden before the election in November.”

The survey by Rasmussen Reports revealed that nearly half of likely U.S. voters believe it’s plausible for Democrats to replace Biden, with a notable portion of Republican respondents also sharing this view. 

Additionally, a Monmouth University poll revealed that 48 percent of respondents believed there was a likelihood of Biden being replaced on the November ballot.

This speculation intensified following the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report critiquing Biden’s handling of classified information, which portrayed him as an elderly individual with memory issues.

Several commentators have urged Biden to offer greater reassurance to the public or even to consider stepping aside entirely. 

Despite these pressures, Biden has shown no inclination to withdraw from the race, and any attempt to replace him at this late stage would pose considerable challenges for Democrats. 

The filing deadline for Democratic primaries has already passed in 44 states, making it impossible for any new candidate to enter the race through those channels.

Although concerns over Biden’s age and fitness for a second term persist, historical precedent suggests that it’s rare for a sitting president to be denied renomination by their party.

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