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Trump Responds to Reports of Ex-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ Immunity Deal



Former President Donald Trump is facing 4 indictments, 91 criminal charges, and several civil suits as he moves forward his 2024 presidential campaign.

Trump has argued that President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has been weaponized and used to attack his political foe.

Pundits predict Biden will face Trump in the upcoming election—and that Trump will win.

A full-court press against Trump followed his formal announcement that he would run in 2024. Since then, multiple cases have been brought forward in New York, Georgia, Washington D.C., and Florida. Trump has denied all charges.

Anti-Trumpers point to how four former Trump attorneys have recently taken plea deals in exchange for pleading guilty to lesser charges and testifying against the former president.

In addition, Trump’s former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, has reportedly accepted an offer of immunity from Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Recently, Trump addressed the issue saying that DOJ officials are applying “intense pressure” on defendants caught up in charges designed to keep the former president from winning in 2024. Trump noted that many have been charged with felonies and threatened with years in prison.

Trump alleges that offering individuals immunity or reduced charges and probation amounts to blackmail or extortion.

Trump shared his comments amid whispers that former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows will accept an “Immunity Deal” in exchange for saying “bad things” against his former boss.

Noting that he hopes threats of prison time, financial hardship, and separation from family will not coerce Meadows to testify against him, the former president wrote on his Truth Social platform:

“I don’t think Mark Meadows would lie about the Rigged and Stollen 2020 Presidential Election merely for getting IMMUNITY against Prosecution (PERSECUTION!) by Deranged Prosecutor, Jack Smith.”

Trump, who has received two gag orders from two different judges, added:

“BUT, when you really think about it, after being hounded like a dog for three years, told you’ll be going to jail for the rest of your life, your money and your family will be forever gone, and we’re not at all interested in exposing those that did the RIGGING — If you say BAD THINGS about that terrible ‘MONSTER,’ DONALD J. TRUMP, we won’t put you in prison, you can keep your family and your wealth.”

Challenging Meadows to stay above the fray, Trump wrote: “Some people would make that deal, but they are weaklings and cowards, and so bad for the future of our Failing Nation. I don’t think that Mark Meadows is one of them, but who really knows?”

According to ABC News, a notably anti-Trump platform, sources close to Special Council Smith’s investigation reported that Meadows has testified under oath that in the months following the 2020 election, he told Trump there was no evidence to support his claims of voter fraud.

Trending Politics reported that Meadows faces multiple charges for participating in a Trump-led conspiracy to overturn Georgia’s election results and convince state lawmakers to accept a slate of alternate delegates.

Sources reportedly told ABC that Meadows called President Trump “dishonest” for claiming victory before all votes were counted.

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