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Trump Reveals What He’ll Do on His First Day Back in the White House



While speaking on the campaign trail over the weekend, former President Donald Trump laid out his plan to stop the immigration crisis as thousands of illegal immigrants flood into the United States through the southern border, speaking in both Fort Dodge, Iowa, and Edinburgh, Texas.

“On my first day back in the White House, I will terminate every open-borders policy of the Biden administration. I will stop the invasion on our southern border and begin the largest domestic deportation operation in American history,” Trump declared in Iowa on Saturday.

Trump announced his intention to invoke the Alien Enemies Act to help remove suspected gang members and drug dealers from the United States. Additionally, Trump said he would end the concept of “birthright citizenship” by signing an executive order on his first day in office, which would codify an interpretation of the 14th Amendment, making it so that citizenship is solely guaranteed on the basis of being born within the United States’ borders. 

Additionally, Trump plans to build more of the wall along the southern border and bring back measures such as Title 42, which had allowed the U.S. to reject migrants who attempted to enter the U.S. through the southern border during the pandemic.

Trump also announced a plan to begin “ideological screening” for immigrants, with the intention of blocking “Christian-hating communists and Marxists” as well as “dangerous lunatics, haters, bigots and maniacs” from entering the United States.

“Those who come to and join our country must love our country,” Trump said, according to the New York Post.

Trump also intends to deport immigrants with “jihadist sympathies” and have immigration agents sent to “pro-jihadist demonstrations” to track such people.

While visiting Texas, Trump gained the endorsement of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who proclaimed that America needs a president who will both “secure the border” and bring “law and order to the United States of America.”

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