Watch: ‘Libs of TikTok’ Creator Spars With WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz on Book Bans, Sex Ed and Violent Threats - Conservative Nation
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Watch: ‘Libs of TikTok’ Creator Spars With WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz on Book Bans, Sex Ed and Violent Threats



Chaya Raichik, the woman behind the “Libs of TikTok” X account, has been involved in a longstanding feud with Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz, who revealed her identity and doxxed Raichik two years ago. On Saturday, it was revealed that the two had met for a contentious interview covering topics such as book bans, sex change procedures and violent threats in a wide-ranging and, at times, contentious interview released Saturday.

Raichik and Lorenz, the latter of whom was wearing a large, black face mask during their outdoor meeting in Los Angeles, discussed an array of issues that her conservative presence brings to the forefront online.

“I know you have a very conservative fan base,” Lorenz said. “In the comments, you’ll see a lot of commentary about sort of the great replacement theory. What are your thoughts on that?”

“What are your thoughts on the comments on your posts telling me to kill myself?” Raichik rebutted, wearing a shirt prominently featuring Lorenz’s crying face

Raichik later told the reporter “there are more illegals coming into our border than children being born in the U.S.” Federal data shows that Border Patrol counted nearly one million illegal border crossings in the few months since Oct. 2023.

Lorenz later pressed Raichik on her alleged push to ban books from public school libraries, with Raichik clarifying that she only wants to remove “gay porn” from schools. She cited how some schools are “giving kids porn and telling third graders that they should masturbate,” and emphasized she does not “discriminate on who’s sexualizing the kids” when pressed about her focus on the LGBTQ community’s sexualization of children.

“I wonder why you don’t focus on … young girls? As a woman — I mean — were you ever sexualized as a young child?” Lorenz asked.

Raichik told Lorenz that she had received multiple death threats after Lorenz cited an NBC investigation blaming her for at least 33 violent threats.  

The pair also clashed over being able to make one’s own choices over “expert” recommendations, particularly as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, and discussed Raichik’s appointment to an Oklahoma library advisory committee.

“I was there once. They have, unfortunately, a lot of wokeness in their red state and I’m trying to help,” Raichik said.

In April 2022, Lorenz exposed Raichik’s previously anonymous identity and published her home address, in an article published to The Washington Post. That article has been updated to remove Raichik’s home address, which was allegedly included by mistake, but her previously private identity remains public.

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