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A Democrat Judge In Wisconsin Could Face Impeachment



A newly elected Democrat judge in Wisconsin, who has shifted the balance of the state Supreme Court in favor of left-leaning perspectives, might face potential impeachment if she fails to recuse herself from election-related cases. This warning comes from Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, who emphasizes that maintaining the integrity of the court is crucial.

Vos argues that a judge who has openly expressed bias before a case and then proceeds to adjudicate it as an impartial observer undermines the credibility of the court. The recent actions of the newly established liberal majority on the court have garnered criticism, particularly regarding their decision to remove the court administrator without involving other members or following established procedures.

Chief Justice Annette Ziegler criticized this move, stating that it goes against the Wisconsin Constitution, as the chief justice possesses administrative authority that is being eroded by such actions. She points out that decisions made by a four-member majority should be reached through formal court conferences led by the chief justice.

The recent change in the court’s direction occurred due to the replacement of conservative Pat Roggensack by liberal Janet Protasiewicz. Assembly Speaker Vos affirms that Protasiewicz, who has publicly commented on legislative redistricting, should abstain from participating in decisions related to this topic to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Vos further suggests that failing to recuse herself could lead to serious consequences, including potential removal from office. The state Supreme Court race between Protasiewicz and her opponent was marked by a record-breaking $45 million spending, largely from special interest groups like George Soros and the Uihlein family.

Assembly Speaker Vos indicates he will closely observe whether Protasiewicz refrains from participating in cases she has pre-judged. Failing to recuse herself, he asserts, would be considered a significant transgression

Source: Gateway Pundit

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