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Boebert Responds After Colorado Governor Sets Date for Special Election



Lauren Boebert spoke out on Tuesday in after Colorado Governor Jared Polis set a date for a special election to fill the congressional seat vacated by the sudden resignation of Representative Ken Buck.

The election is scheduled for June 25, coinciding with the primary for the same seat. This alignment aims to “minimize taxpayer cost,” according to Polis.

The necessity for a special election arises under both the U.S. Constitution and Colorado law, which mandates that such elections occur between 85 and 100 days after a vacancy is declared.

The winner of this special election will serve until January 2025, aligning with the term’s end and possibly the entrance of a new representative following the November general election, should a different candidate win.

Reacting to Mr. Buck’s early departure and the timing of the special election, Representative Lauren Boebert shared her concerns during an online fundraising event. She characterized Mr. Buck’s resignation as “kind of swampy” and expressed worries about potential voter confusion due to the simultaneous scheduling of the special and primary elections.

Furthermore, Boebert has not officially stated whether she will run in the special election, highlighting her reluctance to create a vacancy in her district, advocating for local Republicans to nominate a candidate not involved in the primary to fill Mr. Buck’s vacancy.

“We’re all figuring this out,” Ms. Boebert said on an X Space. “We’re talking to the vacancy committee, seeing what their plan is, seeing if they have someone who’s not a candidate who’s going to run in the special.”

Currently representing Colorado’s Third Congressional District, Boebert had previously announced her intention to run for the Fourth Congressional District, a decision driven by redistricting changes and her commitment to combating socialist and communist influences.

The Third District has seen a shift towards a more balanced political landscape, whereas the Fourth District remains solidly Republican, a factor influencing Boebert’s strategic decision to switch districts.

“[Switching districts is] the right move for me personally, and it’s the right decision for those who support our conservative movement,” Ms. Boebert said.

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