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BREAKING: Biden Corruption Uncovered In Beach Property Purchase



In an exclusive report from the Daily Mail, it has been revealed that Joe Biden paid $2.7 million in cash for his Rehoboth property only weeks after Hunter Biden sent a threatening text to a Chinese business partner.

The threatening text sent by Hunter was sent to a Communist Party official who was also an associate for the Chinese oil giant CEFC regarding a $10 million-a-year deal.

Check out the text message here:

Now let’s turn it over to the Daily Mail article that broke this story:

He bought the home at a time that it appeared his political career was over – five months after his Vice-Presidency had ended he was well into his 70s and after all he had decided to forgo a 2016 run for the top job.

But now that house in the tiny town of Rehoboth Beach could turn out to be a major embarrassment as Republicans continue their push to find business links between the 46th president and his son Hunter. has discovered that then-private-citizen Biden, who had spent virtually all his adult life in public service, bought the home for slightly under $2.75million – in cash.

And making the transaction even stranger it was within weeks of a highly questionable text that Hunter had sent to Henry Zhao, an associate at Chinese oil giant CEFC asking to seal a deal worth $10 million a year.

This whole transaction is incredibly suspect.

Joe Biden’s involvement with Hunter’s business dealings is a hot topic of debate, and the whole story is still not completely understood.

The fact that Hunter included his father’s name in the threatening text message says all that needs to be known about who was involved, in my opinion.

People aren’t dumb; they know the corruption surrounding the Biden family.

And do you want to guess where Biden is right now?

You’d be right if you said his beach property.


This Labor Day weekend, Biden once again plans to be 10 toes up at his Rehoboth Beach summer home — after a short trip to Florida to view Hurricane Idalia’s wreckage.

As of last Sunday, Biden has spent all or part of 382 of his presidency’s 957 days – or 40% — on personal overnight trips away from the White House, putting him on pace to become America’s most idle commander-in-chief, according to data calculated by the Republican National Committee and confirmed by The Post using White House reports of Biden’s movements.

“We have millions of illegal immigrants pouring across our borders. Violent crime is surging. Inflation is crushing hard-working Americans. Our enemies around the world are emboldened,” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) told The Post. “Meanwhile, Joe Biden is filmed on the beach with his handlers preventing him from speaking to the media to answer basic questions Americans deserve answers to.

The title of that article labels Biden the “Slacker-in-chief.”

It’s brilliant! I think President Trump needs to pick this one up!

It is disgraceful to have such a corrupt, lazy old man running our country.

We need President Trump in control again to steer our nation back onto a path of greatness.

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