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Colombian Actor Kevin Munoz Found Tied Up and Tortured to Death



Colombia has struggled to shake its image of being a haven for drug activity and violence.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) expressed their concerns “about the high levels of violence in Colombia’s Pacific region in a September conference.

Thursday’s report that Colombian actor Kevin Munoz’s body was found bound and tortured to death reinforces the negative reputation national leaders have allowed to take root.

The Daily Mail reported Munoz’s body was found on Monday in La Playita a neighborhood in the city of Tulua.

Local media reported Munoz’s hands and feet were tied and that wounds indicated he had been tortured.

Police report the arrest of a 19-year-old in connection with the crime. No motive has been announced.

Major Nicolas Guillermo Suarez Plata, of the Tulua Police District reported on the horrific scene and the arrest of one suspect. Noting that other suspects are believed to have participated in the crime, Suarez said: “[Other] subjects who caused the injuries … fled the scene, but thanks to information from the community, one of them was captured.’

Suarez added: “Thanks to the timely information provided by citizens, in an operational deployment of the Police, the capture of a 19-year-old man was achieved who, minutes before, had allegedly participated in the homicide of Kevin Andres Munoz Tovar, a renowned actor from a Colombian film.”

Munoz starred in the Netflix movie, “Lavaperros” and the Apple TV show “Echo 3.”

Many have expressed their sadness, shock, and anger on social media — particularly on Spanish-focused channels.

One fan said: “So much evil, so much pain.”

Another said: “My God… how sad! God help his family with this horrible pain.”

A third wrote: “My God…How horrible this news is.’

Many have paid tribute to the young actor — particularly on Spanish-focused channels.

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