Comedian Katt Williams Goes Viral After Unleashing on ‘Deviants’ in Hollywood: ‘I Know So Many Things I Shouldn’t Know’ - Conservative Nation
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Comedian Katt Williams Goes Viral After Unleashing on ‘Deviants’ in Hollywood: ‘I Know So Many Things I Shouldn’t Know’



Comedian Katt Williams, in a recent conversation with NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe on Sharpe’s show “Club Shay Shay,” expressed his strong views on the state of Hollywood, calling out its “deviants” and lack of godliness.

The discussion, which aired on Wednesday, delved into Williams’ expectations for the exposure of prominent figures in 2024 and his perspective on the role of race in cancel culture.

Williams, aged 52, emphasized that the real divide in Hollywood is not based on race but rather on a moral line between those who stand with God and those who don’t. He predicted that many influential figures, irrespective of their status, will face significant challenges in 2024.

“All of these big-d*** deviants is all catching hell in 2024. It’s up for all of ’em,” Williams opined.

He further stated, “It don’t matter if you Diddy or whoever you is… all lies will be exposed. That’s all, and anyone who takes that the wrong way, know why they take it the wrong way… the truth is the light.”

Williams also reflected on his own experiences in the industry, questioning why he was “canceled” and asserting that he had spent 30 years collecting information, knowledge and secrets. He claimed to know many things he shouldn’t and suggested that industry insiders are aware of his knowledge.

“You don’t make me the villain, not the guy that raises black children and ain’t never done a hard drug in his life, and don’t have no stories of doing nobody dirty,” Williams added.

The comedian extended his comments to include those he views as industry plants, specifically mentioning Kevin Hart. Williams questioned the rapid success of Hart in Hollywood, implying that there might be more to his story than meets the eye.

Williams also targeted other celebrities, including Rickey Smiley, Jussie Smollett, Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, accusing them of making deals akin to those with the Illuminati. He concluded by discussing the nature of deals in Hollywood, suggesting that those who have “sold their soul” are required to act as if it never happened.

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