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FACT-CHECK: Deutsche Bank Files Notice To Foreclose On Mar-A-Lago?



Time for another Fact Check!

A post has been going viral on Twitter claiming that Deutsche Bank has filed a Notice To Foreclose on Mar-A-Lago.

Not only that, but the post claims it is a “BREAKING FOX NEWS” alert.

See it here:

As of press time, the post has gathered almost ONE MILLION views.

Which is where we come in to set the record straight and to make sure no one falls for this garbage!

Community Notes has also Fact-Checked the Tweet, giving it the following Note:

I do believe Satire or Parody must be marked as such or be in violation of Twitter rules.

Perhaps this account should be banned given the clear violation of Twitter rules?

Not only that, but the account holder seems defiant in his reckless disregard for Twitter rules:

YahooNews also fact-checked the Tweet and deemed it satire.

But I’ve got a bone to pick with both YahooNews and Community Notes…

This does not seem to be “parody” or “satire”.

I see no joke in this post.

The follow up post confirms the malicious intent to mislead (not to produce a funny joke or parody or satire).

Intentionally lying with no satirical comment is not parody or satire….it is lying.

It is misinformation.

So I take issue with CommunityNotes and YahooNews Fact-Checkers….

Calling this “satire” and “parody” when it is clearly neither gives this additional cover that it doesn’t deserve.

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