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Family Finds Missing Member Dead After Lowering GoPro Into a Well



On Saturday, a family in Massachusetts discovered a missing loved one lying dead at the bottom of a well on his property and has been left devastated and questioning many things. 

WBTS-CD reported that Keith McKechnie was last seen on Sept. 7 at his home in Avon, Massachusetts, about 30 minutes south of Boston, according to his family. They said that McKechnie had a history of health issues but was frequently unwilling to seek care. 

After months, local residents resolved to launch a search party starting on McKechnie’s property to attempt to find the 45-year-old, but before they could organize the effort, police cordoned off the area and the Avon Fire Department joined them later in the day at the East High Street residence. 

“They had the whole street blocked off, and they were up there for four or five hours,” neighbor John Hegarty told the outlet.

Officials reported that a family member had lowered a GoPro camera into a well on the property and that they had seen McKechnie’s body in the camera footage.

“It just seems kind of strange that he was right there in the backyard the whole time,” Hegarty added. “It doesn’t make sense because that was the first place I would’ve looked if I knew there was a well there.”

The Avon Police Department told residents that they had previously looked in the well and did not find any evidence of McKechnie at the time. 

Christine Connolly, one of McKechnie’s cousins, told WBTS, “The family made several calls, as well as in person, and asked them that the well needed to be looked at.”

No cause of death has been determined so far, and police are continuing to investigate, but the district attorney’s office said that there were no obvious signs of foul play. A toxicology report is pending.

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