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Gov. Newsom Dubs Late-Term Abortion Debate ‘A Complete Canard’



In a recent interview, California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom countered a question about a specific week for abortion bans, emphasizing it should remain “a determination for women and their doctors.” 

“I think we’ve established that firmly in the context of what states are doing, like California, where we established a constitutional right to access abortion. And at the end of the day, I think that’s a determination for women and their doctors,” Newsom said when pressed by NBC “Meet The Press” host Kristen Welker.

Newsom dismissed the debate on late-term abortion as baseless. Calling it “a complete canard.”

None of this rhetoric from the California governor is new, however, as Newsom has shifted his national efforts towards advocating for reproductive rights with the primary season intensifying in anticipation of a divisive November general election.

Democrats view their longstanding and robust backing of abortion rights as a significant advantage in their campaigns. Newsom, a staunch supporter of President Joe Biden, routinely highlights the substantial disparities between the parties regarding abortion rights issues.

Newsom’s Campaign for Democracy unveiled a campaign targeted at red states, debuting the advertisement “Hostage” on Sunday morning in Tennessee. The ad portrays a young woman restrained to a hospital bed with a sexual assault evidence collection kit placed on a nearby table.

The advertisement directs viewers to visit

The site encourages visitors to sign a pledge urging lawmakers to oppose legislation that targets women who travel out of state to evade abortion bans. According to the website, such laws have been proposed in Tennessee, Alabama, and Oklahoma.

“Tennessee’s abortion ban has no exceptions if you have been raped. No exceptions if you’re the victim of incest,” Newsom said in a post to X. 

“Now, Republicans in Tennessee are trying to punish young women that travel to receive care,” he added.

Over the weekend, Newsom, attending the National Governors Association conference in Washington, addressed GOP attempts to ban abortion nationwide, branding it as a “war on women.”

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