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House Republican Leaders Respond to Hunter Biden’s Lawyer’s Offer for Public Hearing



House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan have issued a demand for Hunter Biden to appear for a deposition on December 13 as part of their efforts to assess whether the House of Representatives should draft articles of impeachment against President Biden.

The pair of conservative lawmakers stated that Hunter Biden, the president’s son, will not receive any “special treatment” in this process.

Earlier in the month, Comer, a representative from Kentucky, issued a subpoena for Hunter Biden’s deposition. However, Hunter Biden’s attorney Abbe Lowell proposed a public hearing instead, where Biden would respond to questions and provide testimony before the American public.

In response, Comer and Jordan, in a letter to Lowell, stated that that the initial testimony would occur in a deposition setting, as is standard practice, adding, “We also appreciate your confirmation that Mr. Biden is willing to testify at a public hearing. We look forward to his testimony in a hearing at the appropriate time.”

The inquiry, led by Comer, Jordan, and Ways & Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith from Missouri, aims to determine if there are sufficient grounds to draft articles of impeachment against President Biden. This follows evidence suggesting President Biden was aware of and possibly influenced his family’s business ventures, benefiting them financially.

Comer and Jordan refuted Lowell’s claim of no evidence linking Hunter Biden’s business dealings to his father’s official actions, citing testimonies and an FBI FD-1023 form detailing a bribery scheme allegedly involving President Biden.

Comer and Jordan criticized Lowell’s request for a public hearing as an attempt to avoid a deposition, asserting that Hunter Biden will not dictate the investigation’s conduct. They noted that officials from the Justice Department, FBI and IRS, as well as Hunter Biden’s business associate Devon Archer, have complied with deposition requests without demanding public hearings.

Lowell accused Comer and Republicans of manipulating facts in closed-door sessions, proposing a public hearing for transparency. Democrats have criticized the refusal to hold a public hearing, suggesting a weak case against Hunter Biden. Comer, in an interview with Fox News Digital, dismissed these claims, emphasizing the need for a thorough deposition to address hundreds of questions efficiently. He assured transparency in the process with plans to release the deposition transcript, barring classified information.

Comer concluded, “This has been the most transparent major congressional investigation in history.”

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