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Idaho Family Thanks Secret Santa for Help After ‘Devastating’ House Fire



The anonymous “Secret Santa” of eastern Idaho is keeping their streak of generosity going with a life-changing donation to a family who suffered a “devastating” house fire.

It was just a few weeks ago when disaster struck at JenniLynn and Doyle Lacey’s home when Doyle was injured and the entire family, including three daughters, were forced to evacuate during a fire, East Idaho News reported.

The family of five has been living in a neighbor’s home ever since, with it being estimated that it will take a year of repairs before the Laceys can move back into their house. In addition, many of their household items and belongings such as clothes and toys were damaged in the fire.

Fortunately, a local Good Samaritan, who has made headlines for pledging $1 million to Idahoans in need this Christmas season, teamed up with East Idaho News reporter Nate Eaton to deliver some help to the family.

Eaton surprised the Laceys at their neighbors’ home with a camera crew and gifts in tow.

“It was a scary day,” Doyle said when the reporter asked about what the family had been through. “But we’re glad that the kids and my wife are okay,” he added, noting that he was hospitalized for a few days following the accident.

“I just try to count the blessings because my family is good.”

The middle daughter volunteered to open the first present, revealing $2,000 in grocery store gift cards and $3,000 in gift cards to a home supply store so they can purchase everyday items.

“Oh my goodness,” Doyle said upon seeing the gift cards.

The girl recalled how she was the one to smell the smoke that fateful November 11 evening, alerting her family and saving her little sister.

The eldest daughter then opened the last box to discover a check for $5,000.

“Oh my goodness,” JenniLynn said. “Thank you so much … We just have a wonderful community.”

She added, “Thank you to Secret Santa, whoever you are.”

“This is just unbelievable. Like I said, we’ve already been blessed so much with everybody in our neighborhood and our community, it really just lets you know you’re not alone,” Doyle told the reporter while hugging his youngest daughter.

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