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Jack Smith Case May Have Hit A Major Road Bump



The Jack Smith case may have hit a major road bump thanks to President Trump’s defense team.

Attorneys for the 45th President have requested 57 separate groups of documents for examination—these documents will potentially take months to examine.

A major delay like this will set the opening of the trial well into next year. Maybe it will even coincide with the election.

Moreover, as the case drags on even more people will come to see what all this litigation represents—pure political persecution from a desperate regime.

A failing regime that wants wars we cannot finance on two separate fronts. A regime that imprisons journalists, protestors, activists, and its political opposition.

Newsweek had more on the story:

On Wednesday, they applied for 57 groups of documents, many of them highly classified, on everything from Justice Department correspondence with President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden to Trump’s White House scheduling diary.

Trump’s team also applied for access to documents pertaining to Russian and Iranian meddling in the 2020 election; Chinese hacking of election computers; full details of all undercover agents deployed at the January 6 riots and a vast array of correspondence relating to voting in seven states during the 2020 election.

One America First patriot shed light on the potential dismantling of the Jack Smith case altogether: “The J6 footage released today proves the feds set up everything and are blaming Trump. No wonder they never wanted it released. Jack Smith’s case just went in to the shitter.”

CNN reports that President Trump had some choice words for the politically motivated prosecutor:

The former president repeated his accusations that Smith is “deranged” and a “Trump-hating prosecutor,” continuing, “his wife and family despise me much more than he does.”

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