Lawmaker Lashes Out at Police Officers During DUI Arrest: ‘Going to Regret Picking on Me’ - Conservative Nation
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Lawmaker Lashes Out at Police Officers During DUI Arrest: ‘Going to Regret Picking on Me’



A North Dakota politician told police they’d “regret picking on him” and threatened to call the state’s attorney general as he was arrested for drunk driving after a Christmas party last Friday.

Rep. Nico Rios, a Williston Republican lawmaker, was arrested and charged with DUI and refusing to provide a chemical test, according to the Bismarck Tribune.

He was pulled over when officers noticed the pol failing to stay in his lane which prompted Rios to become “verbally abusive, homophobic, racially abusive and discriminatory,” according to an arrest record obtained by the outlet.

Rios was captured on bodycam footage trying to pass off his business card when asked by the officers for his license and registration during the stop.

The lawmaker was put through a field sobriety test and refused to take a breathalyzer test, telling officers he only lived two blocks away from where he was pulled over.

“You guys are going to regret picking on me because you don’t know who f–k I am,” Rios told the officers.

Rios was handcuffed and read his rights before he asked the officers, “What can I do to drive my truck and drop it off at my place?”

When he was told that he was going to jail, Rios called one officer a “f–king f—-t.”

He was placed in the back of an officer’s squad car and demanded his phone so he could call North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley to let him know the officers were “being an ass to me.”

Rios, sitting in the backseat of the police cruiser, turned his tirade against Officer Alexander Welch, an English-born American citizen, as the lawmaker pointed out the officer’s accent and bizarrely claimed that he doesn’t think “people from England should be arresting Americans.”

“Your country is being overtaken by f–king migrants and refugees, right?” Rios asked, citing the refugee crisis in England.

“You’re arresting me for driving home. But people come into your country and rape your women. And I’m the f–king bad guy? I’m going to fight for the people of England more than you ever would, you little bitch.”

Welch refuses to answer Rios’ vial remarks as the representative continues to belittle him from the back of the car, the bodycam footage shows.

“You’re ruining my life so you can f–king make a paycheck,” Rios reportedly told the officer before throwing another homophobic slur at him.

Rios was elected to his first term in 2022 following the creation of District 23, which covers parts of Williston, Trenton, and Buford in North Dakota.

The “deeply embarrassed” lawmaker apologized on Dec. 18 for lashing out.

“This past weekend, I had a few too many drinks at a Christmas party, made the mistake of driving home, and received a DUI,” Rios said in a statement on X.

“I’m deeply embarrassed as this is now how I want to represent the people. My terrible decisions that night will not hinder my ability to represent and fight for the people of District 23. I’m deeply sorry and regretful for my actons. Moving forward.

Rios said he will seek “appropriate help to make sure it never happens again.

North Dakota’s Democrat-NPL Party insinuated Rios should resign for his abhorrent actions on Thursday.

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