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Lifelong Democrat Ditches Party: ‘I’m Very Dissatisfied With the Current President’



President Biden continues to shed donors and supporters. Following former President Barack Obama saying that “Biden could very well lose” in 2024, “Fox & Friends” ran a segment profiling disenchanted Democrats.

Multiple recent surveys show that young people and black Americans — typically strong DNC voters — are leaving the party in record numbers.

One lifelong Democrat shared she recently left the party because of Biden’s “lack of understanding” of American voters and needs.

Adding salt to the wound, she added that she plans to vote for former President Trump in 2024.

Barbara Tulko, the voter spotlighted by Fox, said:

I’m very dissatisfied with the current president. I was a lifelong Democrat and recently changed to independent because I have found that every time I try to go to the grocery store, it costs me more money.

I’m a little afraid about what’s going on with our border. I’m kind of concerned about it. I live within five minutes from New York City, and I’m actually kind of afraid to go there. And I think a lot of it has to do with his lack of understanding of what’s really important to the American people.

He’s busy worrying about what’s going on in other places.

A recent large-scale survey by Monmouth University showed that just 34% of Americans expressed approval for Biden’s performance.

The survey showed the president’s approval rating is at an all-time low. Particularly low marks were given for Biden’s handling of the economy and the southern border.

Though he had held a commanding lead over Trump in 2021 and 2022, in recent months Biden has lost all gains and now trails Trump in 22 of 24 recent polls hypothesizing a head-to-head rematch with former President Donald Trump.

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