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McDonald’s Location Temporarily Shuts Down After Customer Finds Crack Pipe in Takeout Bag



A McDonald’s location in southwest Columbus, Ohio, was temporarily shut down this week after a couple reportedly discovered a crack pipe in the takeout bag for their fast food meal.

On Tuesday morning, a couple reported finding a crack pipe in their takeout bag after visiting the restaurant’s drive-thru. The customer posted about his discovery to Reddit, leading to widespread concern and prompting the customer to contact Franklin County Public Health.

“Not sure what I should do,” the customer wrote. “It happened at Harrisburg Pike McDonald’s. Order breakfast from drive thru and a found a crack pipe in the bag. Notify manager and he insist on [sic] one is smoking crack that he knows of. Luckily I’m a [sic] adult and not a child opening a happy meal.”

10 WBNS reported that the customer returned and had a conversation with the location’s supervisor from his vehicle. However, the situation did not resolve immediately. “Once the supervisor returned inside, the customer reportedly walked to the drive-thru window to discuss a resolution,” the outlet added. The supervisor’s decision to contact the police marked a significant turn in the event, although the customer left the scene without any police intervention.

Alex Mendoza, owner of the franchise in question, issued a statement, stating that the incident was under investigation, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

“As a local business owner, the safety of my customers and crew is my first priority, and we take this very seriously,” Mendoza said. “We’ve begun a thorough internal review of this claim. We have no indication that the item came from our restaurant but are continuing to investigate and have contacted local law enforcement to report the matter.”

Following this incident, Columbus Public Health took immediate action. They issued an emergency notice of violation and ordered the restaurant to close on Wednesday. However, after a thorough second inspection, the health department approved the reopening of the McDonald’s location by Thursday, as reported by 10 WBNS. The swift response by the health authorities ensured that the restaurant adhered to safety and health standards before resuming its operations.

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