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New Transcript Reveals That Biden Lied About Beau Exchange With Robert Hur During Angry Press Conference



A new transcript of the interview between President Joe Biden and special counsel Robert Hur confirms that Biden lied about an exchange regarding his son Beau during an angry press conference following the release of Hur’s report last month. 

Hur’s report, which detailed the president’s handling of classified documents, noted Biden’s memory several times, including the fact that he forgot the date of his son’s death, as well as when his vice presidency began and ended. 

Just a few hours after the release of the report in February, Biden held an impromptu and brief, press conference, criticizing Hur for questioning his late son’s death. However, the newly released transcript confirms that Biden was the one who raised the date of his son’s death.

Hur did not push Biden about the date of his son’s death, but instead asked where work-related papers were being kept following the end of his vice presidency in January 2017. 

“Well, um … I, I, I, I, I don’t know. This is, what, 2017, 2018, that area?” Biden began.

“Yes, sir,” Hur responded.

“Remember, in this time frame, my son is — either been deployed or is dying, and, and so it was — and by the way, there were still a lot of people at the time when I got out of the Senate that were encouraging me to run in this period, except the president. I’m not — and not a mean thing to say. He just thought that she had a better shot of winning the presidency than I did,” Biden began. “And so I hadn’t, I hadn’t, at this point — even though I’m at Penn, I hadn’t walked away from the idea that I may run for office again. But if I ran again, I’d be running for president. And, and so what was happening, though — what month did Beau die? Oh, God, May 30 —”

“2015,” Rachel Cotton, a White House lawyer, interjected.

“2015,” an unidentified male confirmed.

“Was it 2015 he had died?” Biden asked.

“It was May of 2015,” an unidentified male reiterated.

“It was 2015,” Biden responded.

“Or — I’m not sure of the month, sir, but I think that was the year,” Robert Bauer, the president’s personal lawyer, weighed in.

During the press conference, Biden claimed that Hur brought up Beau’s death, asking “How in the hell dare he raise that?” 

Biden told reporters, “Frankly, when I was asked the question, I thought to myself, it wasn’t any of their damn business.”

Later during the interview with Hur, the president asked when former President Donald Trump was elected, asking if it was November of 2017. The unidentified speakers tell the president that he left the vice presidency in January of 2017, which is why the year is coming up.

“OK, yeah,” Biden confirms. “And in 2017, Beau had passed and — this is personal …” the president continues, appearing to forget the year of his late son’s death again.

Hur noted in his report that Biden willfully kept classified documents, but controversially declined to press charges. He justified his decision by citing the memory lapses, adding that a jury might see Biden as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Biden repeatedly blames his staff for the issues, as he did during the post-report press conference, and refused to take responsibility for the mishandling of classified documents. 

“I don’t want to hold them responsible or get them in trouble, but I believe they were the ones who were packing up … and were deciding, you know, where, where things were going, to the best of my knowledge,” Biden said of his staff. He added he had “no goddamn idea” what was in one set of files shipped to his house.

Also at multiple points in the interview, Hur requested that Biden stay on topic, rather than going off on unrelated tangents. At one point, Biden blew past Hur’s attempt to refocus the interview, to explain to him how the torque on electric cars worked, complete with “car noises.”

“You step your foot on the accelerator all the way down until it gets about six, seven grand,” Biden said. “Then all the sudden it will say ‘launch.’ All you do is take your foot off the brake.”

Biden then made a car engine sound and laughed, according to the transcript.

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