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Parents Speak Out After Their 11-Year-Old Daughter Was Reportedly Assigned to Share Bed With Trans Student



Serena and Joe Wailes, parents of an 11-year-old girl, have spoken out about their concerns following an incident on an overnight school trip organized by Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) in Colorado.

Their daughter, referred to as “D.W.” in reports, was reportedly assigned to share a bed with a transgender student, identified as “K.E.M.”, a biological male who identifies as a woman. The Waileses claim they were not informed of this arrangement prior to the trip.

The trip, a school-sponsored event to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., was supposed to have D.W. rooming with three other girls. The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a Christian legal organization representing the Wailes family, alleges that the parents were assured in multiple meetings that male and female students would be housed separately, not only in different rooms but also on different floors. However, D.W. discovered her assigned roommate’s transgender status when K.E.M. informed her.

“D.W. was understandably uncomfortable with the idea of sharing a bed with a male student, so she snuck into the bathroom and quietly called her father and then her mother, who met her in the lobby of the hotel. Serena contacted a chaperone on the trip, who then contacted a trip leader,” the ADF stated.

The chaperones purportedly suggested D.W. move to another bed instead of switching rooms and instructed her to lie about the reason for the change, advising her to say she wanted to be closer to the air conditioner. This situation repeated when another roommate suggested K.E.M. also move closer to the air conditioner, leading D.W. to express her discomfort to her mother again.

“We love our school, we love our teachers but what we don’t love is this district policy that doesn’t allow all students to feel comfortable and secure and protected,” Mrs. Wailes said. She added that she and her daughter were told to conceal the incident to “protect all of the students that were on the trip.”

The ADF has sent a demand letter to JCPS, challenging the constitutionality of its transgender policies and requesting clarification on whether parents will be informed about room assignments and policies, allowing them to make informed decisions for their children.

JCPS responded to the incident, emphasizing the importance of student safety and family partnership. They acknowledged the need to gather more facts, as the trip was organized by a private travel company and occurred outside the school year. The school district stated that they were unaware of the student’s transgender status during room assignments and adjusted the arrangements once informed.

Mr. Wailes, speaking on The Ingraham Angle, mentioned considering withdrawing his daughter from the trip but decided against it.

“We didn’t do anything wrong, so we didn’t want to take [the] trip from her. She looked forward to the trip for quite some time.”

“We think all kids deserve respect and privacy, but it needs to be applied equally to all children,” Wailes added. “And this policy, the way it is right now, is very one-sided.”

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