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Police Reveal Bizarre Reason Why American Man, Two Australian Brothers Were Slain During Mexico Surfing Vacation



Mexican authorities have revealed a chilling account of the deaths of two Australians and an American during a surfing expedition in Mexico. 

The motive behind the killings was shockingly not just robbery, but a sinister desire for the victims’ vehicle, specifically targeting the tires.

The Daily Mail reported that the trio, comprising Australian brothers Callum and Jake Robinson along with American Jack Carter Rhoad, vanished on April 27 while in Baja California, Mexico.

Details of the heinous murders have been disclosed by prosecutors, although formal identification of the bodies is pending. 

Family members are presently examining the remains in hopes of confirming their identities visually.

The bodies were found in an advanced state of decomposition, having been callously disposed of by the perpetrators in a desolate 50-foot-deep well. A tooth was also discovered, per Australia’s 7News.

If visual identification by relatives proves inconclusive, further forensic examinations will be undertaken, the outlet reports.

FOX 5 reported, however, that sources within the Baja California Attorney General’s office asserted that the bodies do in fact belong to the missing tourists.

A fourth body, considerably decomposed and likely present for a longer duration, was also discovered in the same well, per police.

Chief State Prosecutor María Elena Andrade Ramírez recounted a harrowing ordeal that abruptly concluded the journey for the Australian brothers and the American. She stated that the assailants spotted the foreigners’ pickup truck and tents as they drove by and coveted their tires. 

“Surely, they resisted,” Ramírez remarked of the victims, indicating that the thieves resorted to lethal force.

The perpetrators transported the bodies to what Ramírez described as “a site that is extremely hard to get to” and discarded them into a well they seemed familiar with. 

Ramírez hinted at the possibility that these same suspects might have disposed of an earlier body in the same well during previous thefts. “They may have been looking for trucks in this area,” speculated Ramírez.

Jesús Gerardo Garcia Cota, also known as El Kekas, and his accomplice Ari Gisel García Cota, have been formally charged after law enforcement recovered four bodies from the well. El Kekas’ brother Cristian Alejandro García also faces charges.

Zeta reported that all three suspects were apprehended in possession of various illicit substances, including methamphetamines, at the time of their arrest.

The arrests were made during two separate police operations on Wednesday, May 1, during which 23-year-old Ms. García Cota was reportedly found with one of the missing men’s mobile phones. 

The disappearance of the men occurred amid their sharing of vibrant social media posts from their trip, depicting their enjoyment on the beach, per Daily Mail.

The outlet notes that while Baja California is recognized as one of Mexico’s most violent, cartel-controlled states, no current connection to organized crime has been established in this case, though investigators are exploring all possibilities.

Australian media reported that hours before the remains were found, Callum and Jake’s parents were en route to Mexico in search of their missing sons, though it remains uncertain whether they boarded a flight before the discovery was announced by police.

Ramirez emphasized that all lines of investigation remain open and stated that investigators continue to scour the rugged area where the bodies were discovered for further evidence.

The circumstances surrounding their disappearance cast a somber shadow over the tributes, with police uncovering abandoned tents and blood stains in the area where they were last seen. 

Authorities, grappling with the challenges posed by the passage of time and the region’s history of cartel violence, launched a determined effort to locate the missing trio.

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