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Rep. Greg Murphy Explains Reason He Wants to Cut IRS Budget



Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC) said Wednesday that cutting the Internal Revenue Service’s budget was needed since the United States cannot keep “funding people to attack this country.”

Tiana Lowe Doescher, a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner, asked Murphy how cutting the IRS’s funding would not negatively affect the deficit of the United States, as those opposed to cutting the funding say the IRS manages to double the money given to it.

Murphy explained that the IRS tends to go after people who own small businesses, and are not “the main pockets of income source for the country.”

“The bottom line is that we can’t keep funding people to attack this country,” Murphy said on Fox Business’s Mornings with Maria.

“We have the weaponization of the IRS, the DOJ, the FBI, and I think that’s really one of the core issues that really talks about funding with the IRS.”

Murphy’s comments come after the Biden administration criticized a bill from House Republicans to provide aid to Israel, which would give over $14 billion to the Middle Eastern country while cutting the IRS’s budget.

The Office of Management and Budget issued a statement claiming that this bill would be bad for Israel, the Middle East, and “for our own national security.”

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