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Report: Assassination Attempt on Tucker Carlson Prevented in Russia



Russian authorities have alleged that independent journalist Tucker Carlson was on the receiving end of an attempted assassination, which was thwarted by the Kremlin, and have also claimed that the plan was orchestrated by Ukrainian intelligence, who sought to silence the high-profile journalist using an explosive device. 

The news comes just weeks after Carlson’s controversial interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The suspect, allegedly a native of Podolsk, was reportedly detained by Russian counterterrorism units before he was able to execute the plan. 

Russian officials claim that the individual was acting on instructions from the State Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine and planned to plant an explosive under a car parked in the underground lot of the Four Seasons Hotel where Carlson was staying during his time in Russia.

Russian sources claim that the suspect was recruited by Ukrainian intelligence in November 2023 and was promised $4,000 upon successful completion of the mission, which was planned for some time between Feb. 1-8, while Carlson was in the country. 

The validity of these claims is unclear, as no independent verification is available. These reports have not been confirmed by Carlson nor any spokesperson for Carlson.

Carlson has suggested that he was under surveillance by U.S. intelligence agencies, specifically the NSA, while he was in Russia, alleging that this surveillance was part of an effort to undermine his interview with Putin.  

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