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Republican Congressman Caught on Camera Berating Former Staffer for Allegedly Insulting Family



A video surfaced on Friday showing Rep. Brandon Williams in a heated confrontation with a former congressional staffer at a holiday party, during which the legislator berates and rages at the staffer.

The incident, captured on camera, occurred after the staffer allegedly made inappropriate remarks about Williams’ family members. The footage, shared by Syracuse University student Luke Radel on X, depicts Williams pointing his finger at the ex-staffer and issuing a stern threat.

“You f*** with my family, I’ll end every relationship you have. Every single friend! Do you understand me?” Williams said. “Do you understand me?! You think I don’t know?”

The former staffer, appearing visibly shaken, responded, “I haven’t done anything.” The altercation was briefly interrupted by an intervening individual, leading Williams to suggest getting the police involved. Subsequently, Williams pushed the camera down and exited the scene.

The reporter who posted the video characterized it as Williams shouting and threatening his former campaign manager and chief of staff at a holiday charity event.

However, Taylor Weyeneth, deputy chief of staff and communications director for Williams, offered a different perspective. Weyeneth stated that the video omitted key details.

“What you are seeing is two former staffers who were fired by the Congressman earlier this year,” Weyeneth wrote in a post on X. “Both individuals, the one being confronted by the Congressman and the one filming, made rude comments about the female members of the Congressman’s family. These individuals planted stories with the media and one of them physically shoved the Congressman at a holiday event (edited from the video).”

Weyeneth further highlighted Williams’ military background, suggesting that the confrontation should serve as a cautionary tale about the consequences of targeting Williams’ family.

“As a former nuclear submarine officer known for his temperament and poise, tonight should be a lesson to all, never go after this Navy Nuke’s family,” Weyeneth added.

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