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State Department Discloses Multi-Million Dollar Cost Of Biden’s Diversity Agenda In Private Report



President Joe Biden’s State Department has revealed to Congress that it allocated $77 million of taxpayer funds towards diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives over the past two years. 

Moreover, it intends to surpass this expenditure in the final year of Biden’s first term, The Daily Wire reported in an exclusive. The disclosure was prompted by a provision in last year’s spending bill, compelling the administration to detail its DEI spending to Congress.

The private report, obtained exclusively by The Daily Wire, delineates that Biden’s administration disbursed $77 million in 2022 and 2023 solely on DEI-related endeavors within the Bureau of Global Talent Management. 

This bureau states its primary objective as “sustaining a diverse, talented, and inclusive workforce.”

The Biden administration has also signaled its intent to escalate DEI spending, with a requested budget of up to $83 million for fiscal year 2024. This raises the prospect of the official three-year total reaching $160 million.

“The Budget includes up to $83.3 million for continued expansion of programs to foster diversity and inclusion to further support the President’s Executive Orders,” a fiscal year 2024 budget justification reads.

The disclosed spending is narrowly defined, however, excluding undisclosed amounts allocated to pay 12 full-time employees in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Constance Mayer, for instance, draws an annual salary nearing $180,000.

The administration’s inability to monitor DEI spending in 2021 complicates a comprehensive assessment of Biden’s total expenditures. The State Department, nevertheless, defends its DEI funding as essential to meet legal non-discrimination obligations. It frames DEI spending as aligned with U.S. laws such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Despite the narrow view presented in the disclosure, evidence suggests broader and substantial DEI spending beyond what’s revealed. For instance, the State Department committed an annual $10 million grant in 2021 to the Global Equality Fund, among other initiatives.

The agency’s efforts extend globally, with significant funding requests aimed at advancing gender equity, democracy, and inclusion in various sectors. These initiatives, along with a recent Equity Action Plan, underscore the administration’s commitment to embed “equity” both domestically and within foreign policymaking processes.

Congressional leaders, who enforced the disclosure say it reveals “the State Department’s ideological overemphasis on DEIA has come to penetrate every bureau and embassy under the Biden administration.”

Representative Michael McCaul (R-TX), Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, emphasized his role in mandating the provision requiring transparency on DEI expenditure. He expressed concerns, stating, “now, foreign and civil service officers must pledge allegiance or else risk not being promoted.”

Amidst institutionalized left-wing ideologies on race and gender within powerful federal agencies, discussions about reshaping the administrative state persist. Plans range from abolishing DEI offices to enacting policies that could remove civil service employment protections from those opposing the administration’s policy objectives.

Conservative groups are preparing for potential transitions, laying groundwork to influence future administrations through initiatives like the 2025 Presidential Transition Project.

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