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Tiffany Gomas Finally Reveals What Caused Her Viral ‘Not Real’ Meltdown



Tiffany Gomas, the woman who became known as the “crazy plane lady” following a widely publicized incident on an American Airlines flight, has broken her silence and spoken out about the event that led to her notoriety.

Passengers on a flight to Orlando captured Gomas in a state of agitation, vehemently expressing her desire to leave the aircraft.

“I’m telling you, I’m getting the f*** off and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f*** off and everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it,” Gomas said. She pointedly accused a man at the back of the plane of being “not real,” insisting, “I don’t give two f****, but I am telling you right now – that motherf***** back there is not real. You can sit on this plane, and you can die with them or not. I’m not going to.”

Gomas, a marketing executive from Dallas, later clarified the circumstances surrounding her outburst during an appearance on the “Pardon My Take” podcast.

“The reason I probably haven’t come out yet is that it’s so cringe,” she said. Gomas recounted that the incident followed “a little bit of an altercation” with another passenger, which she described as “not my best moment … it was actually a horrible moment. Absolutely mortifying.” She emphasized that her comments were not to be taken literally, stating, “I literally did not see anything … It was an expression of speech.”

The aftermath of her actions saw Gomas exiting the plane, but her distress did not end there. She continued her vehement protestations within the airport, as captured by police bodycam footage.

“Do not let that flight leave … That flight is not going to make it to Orlando. It’s not going to,” she implored. Gomas addressed the officers, “Y’all need to escort me out…really,” and issued a dire warning, “Until you see this flight f***ing blow up.”

Following the incident, Gomas took to social media to apologize, acknowledging that everyone has their moments of distress, hers unfortunately captured and widely viewed. “We all have our bad moments, some far worse than others. And mine happened to be caught on camera for the whole world to see multiple times.”

In a subsequent encounter with TMZ at Los Angeles International Airport, Gomas defended her decision to leave the plane, albeit regretting the scene she caused. “I was distressed and I was getting off the plane, no matter what. I just probably didn’t need to make the scene that I made. But I was getting off that plane for sure … 100%,” she asserted.

Gomas has since attempted to redefine her public image, sharing empowered and polished images of herself on Instagram, accompanied by messages of self-affirmation. “One moment doesn’t define you; but it can define your purpose,” she shared.

Reflecting on the event with some temporal distance, Gomas has found a way to view the incident with a lighter perspective. “For the longest time, I couldn’t laugh about it,” she mentioned on the podcast. “It’s funny now that time has passed.”

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