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Trump Sounds the Alarm on Wisconsin Redistricting Case: ‘Republicans Must Do Something’



On Saturday, former President Donald Trump responded to news that the Wisconsin State Supreme Court was hearing oral arguments in a case that would upend the state’s election maps. 

Democrats have repeatedly claimed that Wisconsin’s state legislature’s district maps are among the most aggressively gerrymandered in the country. The maps were first drawn in 2011 under former Republican Gov. Scott Walker, and since then, the Republican party has kept a large majority in both chambers of the state legislature, even as Democrats often win statewide elections.

However, the state Supreme Court recently flipped, becoming a liberal majority, and a challenge to the map was brought up to the court, becoming a hot topic and being criticized by conservatives nationally. 

“Democrats fought to elect Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz this spring so she could help them retake control of the state Legislature through a rewrite of the state’s political maps. Now the court’s liberal majority is going through contortions to deliver on that anti-democratic judicial promissory note,” the Wall Street Journal editorial board wrote in a piece titled “A Looming Judicial Coup in Wisconsin.”

Trump shared a clipping of the editorial on Truth Social, condemning the Wisconsin Supreme Court for taking up the case. 

“Tremendous cheating going on in a State that I love, Wisconsin. Republicans must do something to stop it!” he said in the post.

Trump won Wisconsin in the 2016 presidential election but lost it in 2020. The state could have a major effect on the 2024 election.

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