Watch: Thomas Massie Pulls Out Receipts After Ex-Pence Adviser Says Gov’t Censorship Is a ‘Fantasy’ - Conservative Nation
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Watch: Thomas Massie Pulls Out Receipts After Ex-Pence Adviser Says Gov’t Censorship Is a ‘Fantasy’



While at a hearing on Thursday, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) pressed a witness to acknowledge that the government influences social media censorship, showing as evidence one of his own tweets that had been flagged by social media giant Twitter. 

Massie was speaking to former Vice President Mike Pence’s Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Adviser Olivia Troye, who claimed that government censorship is not real at the Nov. 30 Hearing on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. Massie pushed back on the claim, showcasing one of his own posts that Twitter took action on after the company received a notice about it from Stanford Internet Observatory.

“You stated in your opening statement that this committee was indulging in fantasy, detached from reality, that members of this committee and their witnesses make grand and vague accusations about government censorship and that we are spreading conspiracy theories about government censorship,” Massie asserted.

Massie alleged that Stanford Internet Observatory had flagged one of his posts, asking independent journalist Michael Shellenberger, who had played an integral role in the publication of the “Twitter Files,” if the group is government-funded, which Shellenberger confirmed.

“Would one of those conspiracy theories be that government-funded agencies were flagging and trying to censor official congressional accounts on social media?” Massie asked. “Are you denying that that occurred?”

“I would have no knowledge of that. I am not aware of that happening,” Troye responded.

“Well we’re gonna make you aware of that right now,” Massie retorted.

Massie then showed the flagged tweet, which included the title of a published study from Israel, which suggested that natural immunity from COVID-19 was superior to immunity from its vaccine.

“Ms. Troye, is there any reason you think that this should have been flagged?” Massie asked.

“Depends on whether you’re spreading inaccurate information,” Troye responded. “You seem to do that often.”

The congressman said the example showed that nobody is safe from censorship.

“If they can do this to a member of Congress’s official account, they can do it to anybody,” he said, adding, “Your testimony is false.”

“When Troye dishonestly denies government-funded censorship occurs, she provides cover for government organizations that are targeting the free speech rights of Americans,” Massie said in a statement.

Watch the full hearing here:

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