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What Is Wrong With Benjamin Netanyahu’s Neck?



Why does this seem to be a trend recently?

Look folks, I don’t know what to make of it, I’m just the reporter….your humble correspondent!

And I can report this: these incidents seem to be INCREASING.

So why is that?

And what’s going on?

Why did Joe Biden one day suddenly have what one of you dubbed a “Ballsac Chin” which later went away the next day?

That’s strange, right?

But now the phenomenon has seemingly moved from the chin down to the neck.

It becomes much stranger when we seem almost the same neck suddenly appear on Netanyahu.

Take a look:

Ummm, I’m sorry what exactly is that?

Have you ever seen a neck that looks like that?

And I already know what someone is going to type in the comments: that’s just a bad angle, or bad freeze frame, or it’s a photoshopped photo!

Well, here’s the full video:

Why does Kamala seem to have it too?

And this guy?

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