White House Responds After Comer Claims Biden Received $40k in ‘Laundered China Money’ From Brother in 2017 - Conservative Nation
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White House Responds After Comer Claims Biden Received $40k in ‘Laundered China Money’ From Brother in 2017



The White House is dismissing the latest House Oversight Committee report which showed President Joe Biden previously took a $40,000 check from his family members not long after Chinese business associates gave them money.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer announced in a video posted to Twitter on Wednesday that bank records between the Biden family and its Chinese business associates show Biden took $40,000 of Chinese money in Sept. 2017.

White House spokesman for oversight and investigations dismissed the report, calling it “desperate” and writing Comer’s claims off as “lies.”

“Comer’s lies and conspiracy theories are getting more desperate by the day,” Sams wrote in a Wednesday tweet. “Perhaps that’s why yesterday he admitted his probe was going ‘downhill.’”


Sams added that Comer’s report has been “widely debunked” for more than a week and referenced an article from The Messenger. The report says a previous Comer discovery of a $200,000 payment to Biden from his brother was written off as a loan payment by the family’s lawyers.

The president’s son, Hunter Biden, told a property manager in Sept. 2017 he was “office mates” with Joe Biden and a Chinese business associate.

“Well, not only did he lie about his son Hunter making money in China, but it also turns out that $40,000 in laundered China money landed in Joe Biden’s bank account in the form of a personal check,” Comer says in the video. “First, Northern International Capital, a Chinese company associated with CEFC, wired $5,000,000 to Hudson West III, a joint venture established by Hunter Biden and a CEFC associate.”

“Then, Hudson West III sent $400,000 to an entity owned and controlled by Hunter Biden. Next, Hunter Biden wired $150,000 to Lion Hall Group, a company owned by Joe Biden’s brother James and sister-in-law Sara Biden. Sara Biden then withdrew $50,000 in cash from Lion Hall Group,” Comer continues.

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