Alex Jones Defends Tucker Carlson After Dan Crenshaw Gives ‘Full Of S***’ Host New Nickname, Criticizes ‘Guiding Principle’ - Conservative Nation
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Alex Jones Defends Tucker Carlson After Dan Crenshaw Gives ‘Full Of S***’ Host New Nickname, Criticizes ‘Guiding Principle’



Texas Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw blasted Tucker Carlson on X Wednesday, calling the conservative media host a “click-chaser.”

“Tucker’s MO is simple: defend America’s enemies and attack America’s allies,” he stated. “There isn’t an objective bone left in that washed up news host’s body.”

The post took X by storm, amassing over 1.8M views at the time of this writing, prompting a reaction from many prominent voices including InfoWars host Alex Jones.

Crenshaw went on in his lengthy post to accuse Carlson of using “mindless contrarianism” as “his guiding principle.” Moreover, the congressman accused Carlson of rarely answering questions objectively. 

This tirade came in response to a post by Senior host at Breitbart News Joel Pollak, who slighted Carlson over his recent interview with Christian Pastor Munther Isaac.

“[Carlson] says he is concerned about Christians; I’ll accept that. But there’s no excuse for this,” Pollak said in the opening of his X thread. 

Pollak then poked holes in the interview, fact-checking some of Carlson’s claims, and offering counterpoints to some of the statements the conservative host made.

For example, Pollak wrote, “Carlson adds some of the interview’s most incendiary comments, suggesting that the U.S. should not give Israel aid if one Christian is killed and should not support a foreign government that he says is guilty of ‘blowing up churches and killing Christians,’ which is false.”

“One suspects Carlson’s real target is Republican foreign policy. He mocks ‘self-professed Christians’ in the U.S. whom he says are ‘sending money to oppress Christians,’ another false and inflammatory statement,” he added.

Crenshaw would further some of these points in his post, writing, “This nonsense about Christian mistreatment in Israel is just the latest example.”

Chief White House Correspondent at Today News Africa in Washington Simon Ateba weighed in on this critique of Carlson, prompting a reply from Jones.

Simon said, “Tucker Carlson has proven over and over that he’s for America First and opposes using US taxpayer’s money and bombs for endless wars that bring only money to the military-industrial complex and leave hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, including women and children, as well as Christians and people of other faiths massacred while bridges are collapsing in the homeland, and hard drugs are leaving hundreds of people dead daily.”

“Any cold and cruel person who identifies as Christian but does not show compassion for fellow Christians is a disgrace and a betrayal to humanity,” he added.

Jones then quoted the post, stating, “Tucker Carlson is telling the truth!”

“The actions of Israel are the definition of Indiscriminate Attacks on civilians. I do not support Hamas and I do not support high tech genocide. I don’t like heart attacks and I also don’t like cancer,” he added.

Crenshaw’s post seemingly garnered the most backlash from the right, with his comments section leading with angered replies about how the congressman is “America-last.”

Other users slammed Crenshaw as “repulsive” and a “sellout.”

“You know you are supposed to represent America and not Israel right?” wrote an account named Revolutionary Blackout Network.

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