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Tennessee Senate Passes Bill Allowing Teachers To Carry Guns Amid Vocal Protests



The Tennessee State Senate has taken a decisive step in the ongoing debate over school safety by passing a bill on Tuesday that would permit teachers and staff in public schools statewide to carry concealed firearms within their classrooms.

The bill’s passage in the Senate was met with a flurry of emotions as gun-reform advocates made their opposition known, USA Today reported.

Approximately 200 demonstrators voiced their concerns in the Senate gallery, with signs and vocal expressions of both support and dissent. Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, presiding over the session, eventually ordered state troopers to clear the gallery after repeated disruptions.

Under Senate Bill 1325, educators would be eligible to carry concealed handguns if they meet stringent criteria, including passing a rigorous background check and completing a comprehensive training program.

The bill, now on its way to the House, marks a significant development in Tennessee’s approach to school security. Similar legislation, House Bill 1202, has been stalled in the House since last year, awaiting further action, The Post Millennial reports.

Emotional testimonies emerged amidst the contentious debate, reflecting the deep-seated concerns of parents and community members.

Beth Gebhard, a mother of students at Covenant School in Nashville, tearfully expressed her opposition to the bill, citing her children’s experience during a school shooting incident, per The Tennessean.

Gebhard’s sentiments were echoed by Melissa Alexander and Mary Joyce, fellow mothers of Covenant School students, who emphasized the importance of sharing personal experiences in shaping legislative decisions.

They remained determined to advocate for their children’s safety in the face of adversity, despite their disappointment with the bill’s passage.

Senate Bill 1325 authorizes Tennessee school faculty or staff to carry concealed handguns on school grounds. It outlines, however, strict requirements for educators wishing to carry concealed firearms on school premises.

Prospective participants must obtain written authorization from school administrators, provide biometric data such as fingerprints, undergo extensive background checks, and receive certification from licensed mental health professionals confirming their fitness to carry firearms.

Eligible individuals must also undergo annual training specific to school policing, totaling a minimum of 40 hours per year. This training includes hands-on instruction provided by law enforcement agencies to ensure proficiency in firearm handling and school security protocols.

The bill includes provisions to shield law enforcement agencies from liability related to firearm use by school staff. Despite these safeguards, concerns persist regarding the potential implications of arming educators and the broader impact on school safety dynamics.

The bill, sponsored by Tennessee’s Sen. Paul Bailey, reflects ongoing efforts to address school safety concerns in the wake of increasing incidents of violence. While proponents argue that empowering teachers with concealed firearms is a necessary step towards enhancing security, critics remain skeptical, questioning the effectiveness of such measures in mitigating the risks associated with school shootings.

Tennessee law notably already permits school resource officers, designated through agreements between local school districts and law enforcement agencies, to carry firearms on campus.

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