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Dr. Peter McCullough Warns Parents About Dangers of Childhood Vaccine Regimen



Dr. Peter McCulloch, the renegade cardiologist known for his defiance of prevailing orthodoxies in the medical establishment, has spoken out against the standard regimen of vaccines which children are expected to receive as a matter of course.

McCullough appeared on Daystar Television’s Joni Table Talk, McCullough aired his concerns about the current consensus on childhood vaccinations to host Joni Lamb.

“What we’ve learned is [that] this childhood vaccine schedule is not what we thought, and now critically looking at it, we have a situation that—we just learned that the World Council for Health, an international body is now calling for a complete moratorium on childhood vaccines.

“…[T]he vaccines are piling up, one after the other. They’re being given in multiple salvos… I’m telling you, in total, it doesn’t look good,” Dr. McCulloch added.

The doctor then continues with a broad survey of established medical researchers and organizations who have raised alarms about the potential harms of widely accepted vaccines, observing a rapid increase in autism diagnoses which he characterizes as an “epidemic tsunami.”

“And the vignettes, the mothers tell us that the child was fine up until the time they took multiple rounds of vaccines, and then they developed autism. Those vignettes are almost certainly correct. We can’t pin it down to any single vaccine. But I’m telling you, in total, it doesn’t look good. This epidemic of autism is a tsunami. And you know how many, many mothers now — [a] recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey shows about a third of mothers and young fathers going natural.”

McCullough has practiced as a highly credentialed and visible research doctor for many years, but despite his expertise, he has fallen afoul of the reigning medical establishment for his defiance of consensus narratives about hydroxychloroquine, vaccines, and the COVID-19 virus.

Dr. McCullough’s profile was significantly boosted in 2021 when he appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, opining to the eponymous bald-headed host about a great deal of counter-establishment narratives concerning the COVID-19 virus. Subsequent his appearance on the most widely streamed podcast in the world, Dr. McCullough was targeted by the mainstream media, who purported that he spread “debunked” misinformation about the virus.

“Multi-drug therapy, as an outpatient, works substantially, and we’ve had a giant loss of life – a giant number – millions and millions of unnecessary hospitalizations,” McCullough said on The Joe Rogan Experience.

“And it seemed to me – and I told Tucker Carson and many more – it seems to me early on that there was an intentional, very comprehensive suppression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization, and death.”

Joni Lamb, Dr McCullough’s interloctutor in this conversation, is known as the co-founder of Daystar Television Network, a Christian broadcasting company which she established with her late husband Marcus Lamb. On Daystar, Lamb hosts both the aforementioned Joni Table Talk, as well as the flagship program Ministry Now! The latter program was formerly known as Celebration and then as Marcus and Joni, and was co-hosted by Marcus until his demise in 2021, at which point it was renamed to its current form.

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