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Here’s the ‘Pivotal Moment’ That Changed Tucker Carlson’s Views on Iraq War



Famed news commentator, Tucker Carlson is noted for his early repudiation of America’s involvement in the Iraq war.

On Monday, Carlson revealed “the moment” he changed his position on the war that enjoyed wide, bipartisan support following the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon and Twin Towers in New York City.

Carlson shared his comments during a Monday interview at AmericaFest with conservative host Tim Pool; James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas; and Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA.

Carlson credited Trump’s skepticism and willingness to question the standard party narrative as reasons for his reassessment.

“Of course, it’s mostly Trump who did that,” Carlson said in response to a question regarding how the true conservative movement became associated with anti-war sentiment.

Carlson added: “And I was just, the pivotal moment in the last election and the 2016 election that changed my view of everything was the night of the debate in Greenville, South Carolina when Trump said, ‘You know, that we didn’t get anything out of the Iraq War.’”

Doubling down, during the interview Carlson referred to the Iraq War as a “mistake.” He attributed Trump’s 2016 victory in the South Carolina primary to his position on the Iraq war.

The Daily Caller reported that Carlson “mocked the ‘dumbos’ and ‘low IQ people’ covering politics on news networks, noting that they got it wrong.”

The former No. 1 host on Fox News added: “Really, these are mouth breathers. They immediately check their notes, ‘Oh, South Carolina is the highest military population per capita of any state,’ And, so they all look at, ‘Oh, he said that in South Carolina, he criticized the Iraq War. He’s gonna get creamed in the primary.’”

Carlson was particularly critical of Liz Cheney, whom he accused of working with Bill Kristol to “subvert” Trump’s campaign. Noting her apparent position on war in general, Tucker said Cheney was “bloodthirsty for Ukraine” and mocked that “she could be a ‘normal human being’ if not complicit in the Iraq War.”

Tucker added: “That’s when the realignment happened on the left, where Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol and all these people whose core problem is that they can never admit the great adventure of their life, the Iraq War, was wrong. They could never admit it.”

Carlson followed up his interview at AmericaFest by sharing similar views in an interview with “Kenekoa The Great.”

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