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Jim Jordan Points Out Key Part From Hunter Biden’s Statement That Signals ‘A Huge Change’



On Wednesday, a defiant Hunter Biden refused to attend his scheduled closed-door deposition with Congressional representatives—instead choosing to hold a press conference on the steps of the Capitol.

Hunter stated he should be allowed to testify publicly. House leaders had told Hunter he would have the opportunity to testify publicly, but per protocol, must first testify in a closed-door hearing.

House leaders are reportedly preparing to hold Hunter in contempt of Congress.

Committee member Rep, Jim Jordan (R-OH) told reporters that Hunter’s comments at his press conference represented a “huge change” in how Representatives will consider impeachment inquiry proceedings for President Joe Biden.

Rep. Jordan shared his comments with reporters on Capitol Hill. One reporter asked: “Some Republicans I talked to…want to file articles of impeachment … Do you feel like you have seen enough now?”

Rep. Jordan replied: “I have said I think the evidence is compelling but we still need to talk [to some other witnesses.] We need to talk to the two individuals [who are a] part of Blue Star Strategies, Sally Painter and [inaudible].”

“Those are people we need to talk to,” Jordan added. “With the vote, we get those individuals in a more timely fashion and we get the documents we want.”

In discussing Hunter’s comments and possible impeachment proceedings for President Joe Biden, Rep. Jordan said: “…I think the biggest takeaway was the statement from [Hunter] Biden where he said, ‘My father was not financially involved in the business.”

“That is a huge change,” Jordan continued. “[It] means, sort of means he is involved. I think that’s how anyone with common sense would read it. He has been involved just not financially. That is a huge departure for everything they have said now for the last 3 1/2 years.”

Republican leaders have noted that President Biden’s comments regarding involvement in his son Hunter’s business dealings have changed.  An angry Jordain exclaimed, “The White House’s story has changed multiple times, the Justice Department’s story has changed multiple times how they handled this investigation. But the story that hasn’t changed, the testimony that has been consistent and stood up to cross-examination is the two whistleblowers.”

Rep. Jordan continued: “Their story has not changed and frankly it’s been buttressed and reinforced…we’ve done eight different depositions of people involved in the investigation at the Justice Department…None of them have refuted what those guys say.”

“So over time it just keeps changing from the White House,” added Rep. Jordan. “This statement today I think is the biggest news of the morning I guess along with the fact he didn’t show up which he’s supposed to do.”

When President Biden was recently asked about the mounting evidence against him, including bank statements and emails from pseudonyms traced to him referencing business dealings with Hunter, Biden called them “lies.”

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith said last Wednesday: “Hundreds of messages from alias emails raise questions of whether Joe Biden was trying to hide the existence and content of these messages. If investigators had not been stonewalled, the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax fraud and business dealings would have naturally laid bare Joe Biden’s direct involvement [in criminal activity].”

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