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Moment Ukrainian Missile Kills Russian Actress During Performance for Putin’s Marines Caught on Video



Polina Menshikh, a 40-year-old Russian actress, lost her life to a Ukrainian missile strike during a performance for Russian soldiers on Sunday.

This incident occurred as she was singing and playing guitar on stage, less than 40 miles from the front lines of the Russo-Ukrainian War. The cause of her death was a Ukrainian missile strike, with reports indicating that the missiles originated from a HIMARS launch system. This information comes from multiple sources, including the New York Post and the Russian state-owned news agency TASS.

video uploaded by the Russian Telegram channel Zvezdanews captured the harrowing moment of the missile strike during Menshikh’s performance. The New York Post shared this chilling footage, showcasing the actress’s final moments on stage.

In the aftermath of the strike, Russia reported no other fatalities. However, the method of attack employed by Ukraine was described as a “double tap strike.” This tactic involved initially targeting the theater and subsequently launching additional missiles as rescue teams arrived. This claim was made by a volunteer Russian soldier, as reported by Russia Today.

Robert Brovdi, the commander of a Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance unit, acknowledged the attack on his Telegram account. He described it as a retaliatory act for a previous Russian missile strike on November 3. This earlier strike had occurred during an awards ceremony, resulting in the death of at least 20 Ukrainian soldiers, as reported by the New York Post.

Furthermore, the Strategic Communications Department of the Ukrainian Armed Forces also admitted to the attack. On their Telegram account, they stated, “Ukraine’s defense forces quickly determined the venue of the Russians’ celebration and warmly congratulated them.”

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