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Report: Vladimir Putin Allegedly ‘Found on Floor’ After Suffering ‘Cardiac Arrest’



A Russian group that allegedly has inside information from the Kremlin claimed on Sunday night that Russian President Vladimir Putin suffered a heart attack in his bedroom before being resuscitated. 

On Sunday evening, General SVR, a Russian organization that allegedly has insiders within the Kremlin, released a statement, alleging that at 9:05 p.m. on Sunday, Putin was found lying on the floor of his bedroom next to overturned food and drinks. 

“Doctors performed resuscitation, having previously determined that the president was in cardiac arrest,” reported the channel. “Help was provided on time, the heart was started and Putin regained consciousness.” There was no immediate response from the Kremlin to the claim but officials have previously strongly denied Putin, 71, suffers from health problems.

“We have already repeatedly talked about the deterioration of Putin’s health due to oncology and a number of other diseases. This case of cardiac arrest seriously alarmed the president’s inner circle, despite the fact that the attending doctors had already warned that Putin was very ill and was unlikely to live until the end of autumn,” General SVR claimed. 

“Recently, all official meetings and events have been conducted by the president’s double. After news of the evening incident, several people close to Putin contacted each other by telephone and agreed to hold consultations on Monday regarding possible actions if the president dies in the coming days.”

The claims began spreading internationally after British outlets The MirrorThe Express, the Daily Star and GB News published the information, sparking discussions over the controversial leader’s longevity.

It’s important to note that the claims have NOT been confirmed.

The same channel claimed that the Russian president was “near death and had designated his successor,” per Dagens

Additionally, the Mirror reported that later in the evening, footage was released of Putin’s motorcade rushing to the Kremlin, allegedly on Sunday evening, corroborating the allegations set out by General SVR. RTM could not verify that video’s existence. 

General SVR said Putin’s condition had since been “stabilised,” adding he had been moved to a “specially-equipped room” at his Moscow home kitted out with “the necessary medical equipment for resuscitation.”

It is worth noting that Putin’s health has been a topic of discussion for some time, with rumors of physical and mental ailments plaguing the Russian president since he initiated the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. 

Additionally, General SVR has regularly claimed the war-mongering leader is terminally ill. The group claims that they have an insider in Putin’s entourage but has never been able to back that claim with evidence. 

A cryptic social media post added fuel to the speculation after a Russian user said they were praying for the president’s welfare. A post by “Z-blogger” Pozdnyakov was reposted to X by the adviser to the minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Anton Geraschenko.

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