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Shark Tank Host Considers Buying TikTok To Make The App An American Company



Billionaire Shark Tank co-host Kevin O’Leary has thrown his hat into the ring, expressing interest in acquiring the social media giant, TikTok. 

The app, currently under U.S. government scrutiny due to its connections with China, has caught the eye of O’Leary, who minced no words about his distrust for the Chinese government.

During a recent interview on Fox News, O’Leary showcased his skepticism by flaunting two phones, one exclusively dedicated to TikTok without any personal data. 

O’Leary asserted that if Congress pushes through a bill compelling ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, to divest its applications within 180 days, it would open a window of opportunity that he wouldn’t hesitate to explore.

“I’m going to buy it. Somebody’s going to buy it. It won’t be Meta, and it won’t be Google because a regulator will stop that,” O’Leary confidently declared, outlining his vision for the potential acquisition. 

O’Leary underlined TikTok’s significance in today’s social media landscape, emphasizing his eagerness to be a part of the deal while describing the app as a “worth billions” advertising powerhouse.


“I can put a syndicate together of debt and equity as long as I can get the blessing of the House,” O’Leary asserted, outlining his strategy to make the acquisition an all-American endeavor. “I want to buy it.” 

The Shark Tank host also noted moving the servers onto U.S. soil and eliminating potential Chinese back doors in the code.

Proposing the formation of a bipartisan oversight committee to manage the transition, O’Leary suggested a nuanced approach by involving members from both red and blue camps. He envisioned this committee overseeing the process for the next 18 months, ensuring a secure and American-controlled future for TikTok.

Despite his willingness to collaborate, O’Leary indicated during the interview a potential ownership stake for the Chinese people, though he clarified they would have no say in the platform’s management. 

O’Leary justified this by citing the numerous joint ventures between the Chinese government and American companies. The host then contended that his proposed solution would strike a balance, preventing the loss of the app while addressing security concerns.

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