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Trump Team Slashes RNC Staff Amid Takeover



On Monday, the Republican National Committee (RNC) axed more than 60 individuals as part of a significant overhaul led by co-chairs Lara Trump and Michael Whatley, signaling a shakeup under new leadership.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge of the cuts confirmed the sweeping changes, The AP reported. They spoke on the condition of anonymity, emphasizing the sensitive nature of the information as they were not authorized to discuss the developments publicly.

Chief Operating Officer Sean Cairncross sent an email to certain RNC employees, reviewed by The Washington Post, stating, “certain staff are being asked to resign and reapply.” 

Cairncross added that employees who did not reapply would have their last day with the RNC on March 31.

Conservative commentator Charlie Kirk bluntly described the situation, stating, “Bloodbath at the RNC is underway.

“60+ firings just today,” Kirk continued. “This is excellent. The anti-Trump sleeper cells all have to go. The RNC is getting ready to win.”

Fox News reported the ongoing transformation as a “major shakeup” at the RNC.

The RNC, facing criticism for its recent lack of Republican victories, has undergone scrutiny in recent years. Former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel faced pressure to step aside, particularly as it became apparent she was not supportive of Former President Donald Trump securing the party’s presidential nomination for a second term.

Chris LaCivita, a Trump campaign senior adviser who assumed the role of RNC chief of staff, says the cuts aim to eliminate duplication as the Trump campaign and the RNC move towards operating as a unified organization. 

LaCivita stated, “this is Republicans streamlining” on Monday night.

Whatley, in a speech on Friday, emphasized the RNC’s close collaboration with President Trump’s campaign in the anticipated rematch against President Biden. The RNC, facing a crucial election year, reported a historically low $8.7 million cash on hand in a January campaign finance filing, compared to the Democratic National Committee’s $24 million.

Lara Trump acknowledged the urgent need for fundraising on Friday, stating, “we have to raise a lot of money.” 

The staffing changes, coupled with the broader efforts to close the fundraising gap, highlight the RNC’s strategic repositioning under Trump-aligned leadership. 

The financial impact of the firings remains unclear.

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