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Trump Attorney Takes a Victory Lap After SCOTUS Hands Jack Smith a Legal Defeat



On Friday, the Supreme Court chose not to accept a request for expedited review by special counsel Jack Smith, leading to high praise from an attorney for former President Donald Trump.

The court denied Smith’s request to provide expedited review of an appeal for ruling by United States District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who rejected a motion by Trump’s attorneys to dismiss the charges filed against him.

“I’m really pleased with the Supreme Court, it really restored my faith in my profession, frankly,” Alina Habba told “Kudlow” guest host David Asman.

“The Supreme Court saw through this. There was no urgent application necessary by Jack Smith. He was trying to usurp the appellate division and go right up to the Supreme Court to have them hear issues of presidential immunity, which is an absolute immunity that presidents have for a very good reason. Frankly, so they don’t have to have DAs and AGs come after them after their presidency in this political witch hunt, and the Supreme Court will today say that Jack Smith did not have reason to do so,” Habba said.

He needed to stay the course, go through the normal procedures as everybody else, he had no urgency, and there was no dissent in the Supreme Court’s decisions. So, it was a very great day for team Trump, and we’ll keep pushing,” she concluded.

Pre-trial proceedings were paused on Dec, 13 by Chutkan while the appeals process continued, leading Smith to file a request for an expedited ruling. In August, Smith had secured a four-count indictment against Trump, relating to his efforts to contest the results of the 2020 election.

“Normal due process in America has its place, and we can’t try to rush due process when it suits them,” Habba said. “They have year-long investigations and brought all these cases, David, right before the election so that he’s not on the campaign trail, so he’s out there doing nothing to help his campaign.”

“Instead what they don’t realize, which I think the polls show is that the more you try and attack Trump, the more they try to tie him up in the witch hunts and court cases, they’re going to get stopped and they’re going to be seen by the Americans as an attempt to usurp the GOP and Republican Party,” Habba continued.

During the interview, Habba also discussed the recent 4–3 ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court, which disqualified Trump from the ballot in the state on Tuesday, citing the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause.

“When we go through the proceedings, it’ll show there was nothing done wrong and there’s issues with the election integrity and the president had reason for them to ask to look into it,” Habba said. “It would be the first insurrection without weapons.”

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