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Trump Legal Team Asks Court To Toss His Prosecution in ‘Vindictive’ Election Interference Case



Former President Donald Trump’s legal team narrowly beat a Monday midnight deadline to file motions to dismiss charges related to the Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol and election interference.

The Hill reported that motions filed by Trump’s legal team “echoed many of [Trump’s] oft-repeated lines from the campaign trail.”

While maintaining his innocence, Trump claims the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been “weaponized” by the Biden administration, that DOJ agencies have exercised profound political bias in the case and that he has the right to raise questions about the integrity of the 2020 election.

Trump has clashed particular with the prosecutorial tactics of Special Counsel Jack Smith, Attorney General Letitia James and District Attorney Fani Willis — claiming he is the victim of a coordinated “witch hunt.”

Previously, Trump’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss, arguing that as a former president, he is immune from prosecution — the Justice Department has strongly opposed the motion.


Trump has also criticized the “gag orders” placed on him by two different judges, arguing the gag orders violate his First Amendment rights and were imposed to limit America’s awareness of abuses by justice system officials.

Trump’s attorneys wrote: “The fact that the indictment alleges that the speech at issue was supposedly, according to the prosecution, ‘false’ makes no difference. Under the First Amendment, each individual American participating in a free marketplace of ideas — not the Federal Government — decides for him or herself what is true and false on great disputed social and political questions.”

The motion alleges there is no evidence showing Trump knowingly made false statements or intended to deceive constituents. The motion reads:

“President Trump’s opinion on the subject was just that — an opinion formed based on his view of the available information. Virtually every American, including the cited public officials, had similar access to much of this same information, including a mountain of publicly reported facts and opinions, which were the subject of wall-to-wall media coverage throughout the post-election period and beyond.

“Each official thus had every opportunity to form his or her own conclusions, just like President Trump.”

Trump attorneys claim the multiple indictments brought forward against their client by the Biden administration–supported DOJ are designed to “incapacitate” a political rival.

The motion also points to the unusual push by the prosecution to bring cases to trial quickly, before the 2024 election, in an attempt to compromise Trump’s campaign efforts.

Jack Smith’s first case against Trump is expected to begin in March.

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