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Tucker Carlson Reveals What It Would Take for Him To Be Trump’s Running Mate



Conservative firebrand Tucker Carlson recently addressed speculation about his potential role as a vice- presidential candidate alongside former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election, facetiously describing the conditions under which he would agree to run alongside the self-described “very stable genius” in his bid to retake the White House.

During the American Principles Project Foundation’s annual Christmas gala, Carlson responded to a guest’s inquiry regarding a report from Axios, suggesting that Melania Trump had proposed Carlson as a potential vice-presidential candidate.

Carlson’s response to the speculation was both humorous and dismissive, as reported by Semafor.

“God would have to yell at me very loud,” he said, conveying his reluctance to transition from the media to electoral politics.

“To go from being, like, a well-paid street corner schizophrenic to, like, a politician — it’s just kind of hard to envision,” Carlson remarked.

Despite widespread speculation, Carlson has consistently expressed little interest in pursuing a presidential bid. In a July 2022 interview with Semafor editor in chief Ben Smith, he reiterated his lack of political ambition.

“I have zero ambition, not just politically, but in life,” Carlson stated. He emphasized his contentment with his current role and his disinterest in seeking power.

Carlson’s support for Trump, however, remains strong. Following the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago in August 2022, which resulted in the seizure of hundreds of classified documents, Carlson’s support for Trump intensified. While Carlson had previously avoided supporting political candidates in his capacity as a media figure, he claimed that the prosecutions against Trump motivated him to be a strong supporter of the 45th president. He vowed to lead protests if the Justice Department convicts Trump on any of the 91 charges against him.

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