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University YAF Chapter President Accosts Biological Male for Using Women’s Restroom



A female University of Tampa student who chairs the university’s Young America’s Foundation (YAF) chapter was recently featured in a video accosting a biological male who the student claims was using the women’s restroom.

In a video released by YAF to Instagram on Friday, the woman (who also films the encounter) follows the colorfully-dressed, broad-shouldered bathroom intruder around campus, interrogating this individual over the matter.

“Excuse me, what are you doing in the women’s bathroom?” the YAF chair begins.

“I’m sorry?” the person replies.

“What are you doing in the women’s bathroom?” she reiterates.

“I’m peeing,” the aforesaid individual responds.

“Ok, but you’re a man,” the YAF chair insists.

The male, clad in a bright green sports bra and pink shorts, issues a curt denial and begins to walk off, at which point said individual is followed by the YFA chairwoman, who continues to bomb the aforesaid individual with hard-hitting questions.

“You’re clearly a man, and you were just in the women’s bathroom. Do you know how much money I pay for this school, and now there’s a man in my bathroom?”

“Well, you should talk to the administration,” the gender-atypical individual says, after which point said person remains silent throughout the remainder of the clip.

“Oh, I definitely will,” the YAF woman responds, before asking, “Why do you feel the need to go into women’s spaces as a man?”

The woman continues to follow the bathroom intruder throughout campus, badgering this individual with questions that go unanswered.

“Do you think women don’t deserve their own private spaces? Nothing? Really?”

“The university of Tampa allows this. That’s wonderful. They also have drag queens,” the YAF woman says, pivoting the camera to show a group of apparent drag queens walking by.

Whereas numerous blue states have laws requiring educational institutions to allow individuals to use the bathroom corresponding to their individual “gender identity,” Florida, where the interaction transpired, does not maintain such laws.

Last year, the state considered SB 1674, which requires “certain entities that maintain water closets or changing facilities to meet specified requirements” and authorizes “persons to enter a restroom or changing facility designated for the opposite sex only under certain circumstances; providing that specified persons who enter certain restrooms or changing facilities and refuse to depart when asked to do so commit the criminal offense of trespass.” The bill ultimately died in committee.

Young America’s Foundation is a conservative youth organization founded in 1969, known for promoting conservative ideas among young people in the United States. YAF emerged from the Young Americans for Freedom, which itself was established under the guidance of William F. Buckley in 1960, aligning from its inception with conservative principles and values.

Its foundation plays a significant role in American political culture by organizing conferences, seminars, and educational programs designed to foster conservative ideals. The group has been instrumental in hosting and funding speaking engagements for prominent conservative leaders across college campuses nationwide.

YAF also manages the National Journalism Center, which provides training to aspiring conservative journalists, emphasizing the fundamentals of objective reporting and values of free expression. Additionally, the foundation preserves and provides access to the Ronald Reagan Ranch, a symbol of Reagan’s legacy, which serves educational and promotional purposes for Reagan’s contributions to conservatism.

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