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Watch: Bill Maher Says Biden Agreed To Debates Because He ‘Knows He’s Losing’



Bill Maher boldly asserted that President Joe Biden’s sudden agreement to debate former President Donald Trump is a clear indicator of his perception that he’s “losing.” 

Maher didn’t mince words as he queried whether it was “too late” for the Democratic Party to substitute Biden with another candidate, hinting at the necessity for Biden’s replacement.

Bill Maher raised eyebrows during a Friday episode of his show by suggesting that Biden’s agreement to engage in a debate with former President Donald Trump signifies a recognition of his potential electoral setbacks, The Post Millennial reports.

The comedian probed New York Times columnist Pamela Paul, seeking her perspective on the potential impact of the forthcoming debate on the election landscape. 

Maher’s blunt assessment posits, “To me, it says Biden knows he’s losing because otherwise he wouldn’t have agreed. Only the loser wants to debate.” 

Paul offered her insight, emphasizing that while debates hold sway over public opinion, their decisive influence remains debatable.

Maher further expounded on his viewpoint, asserting, “Well, I think the guy who has more to prove is Biden. Trump is a known commodity. They know he’s gonna be an a**h***.” 

“He’s gonna be lurking and growling and not obeying the rules and everything else. But Biden, they want to see proof of life,” he continued. 

Paul asserted that Biden has proven his capacity to deliver impassioned and impactful speeches, citing his performance during the State of the Union address. 

She jokingly suggested the need for “drug testing” before debates, a notion Trump has publicly supported.

Maher voiced his conviction that the prevailing sentiment is against Biden’s chances of winning, citing polling data that places him behind in critical swing states.

“Is it too late to switch out?” Maher queried. “Because in these swing states where Biden is losing, it’s interesting. The Democratic Senate candidate is not losing. So, it just says something, which is it’s not the party necessarily somewhat, but it’s the guy.”

“They just don’t see him as the guy no matter what he does. He has plenty of victories,” he continued. “It doesn’t seem to ever move the needle, but the Democrats will have to get off their keister now. Now!”

“We sound like three kids around the hospital bed,” Maher quipped.

Resist the mainstream reported over the weekend that Trump revealed he plans to demand that Biden take a drug test ahead of their first debate in June.

“I’m gonna demand a drug test too, by the way…I am, no I really am. I don’t want him coming in like the State of the Union, he was high as a kite,” the former president said.

He has also been heavily promoting his upcoming debates with Biden, launching tactful ads that show the parallels between the crowds Trump consistently brings in compared to the president’s lackluster numbers.

The first upcoming debate is scheduled with CNN on June 27. 

The second debate is slated for September 10 on ABC News.

Biden Campaign Communications Director Michael Tyler recently conveyed to CNN that the debates should occur “in studio with no audience so the candidates can clearly articulate their visions for the country.”

“Listen, it’s Donald Trump who said he would do this anytime, anywhere, anyplace,” Tyler said when asked if this zero audience format was a non-negotiable. 

“So I don’t think that they should have any problems with what we propose. He’s the one who said he’s ready to go,” he continued.

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