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Watch: Chicago Jewelry Store Worker Blasts Alleged Robber



The Blue-led sanctuary city of Chicago has reported a spike in crime and an exodus of police officers.

The escalating danger has prompted many citizens and business owners to arm themselves.

On Saturday morning, an armed Chicago jewelry store employee with a concealed carry permit, thwarted a gunman who attempted to rob his place of employment.

CWB Chicago reported that at about 11:00 a.m. Saturday, a 27-year-old unnamed man entered the store and attempted to smash a display case and steal approximately $100,000 in jewelry.

The employee drew his weapon and fired after the would-be robber refused his aggressive assault on the display case. The robber was reportedly struck in the buttocks and abdomen.

Security footage shows the robber running for the door, falling outside the store, returning to the entrance area of the store to retrieve something he dropped, then running for the train station.

Police arrested the injured man at the train station.

On Sunday evening, Chicago police spokesperson told CWBChicago that the “two individuals related to this incident have been released without charging at this time.” The investigation is continuing.

CBS noted the employee may face charges. A customer, identified as Christine, said of that possibility:   “I think to throw all the responsibility on the business owners or the residences is really not the right way to go.”

Christine added: “The crime [in Chicago] is just escalating, and it’s getting worse and worse. We had kids killed a few weeks ago. Now this armed robbery, it’s a shame.”

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