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Watch: Whoopi Goldberg Snaps At ‘The View’ Co-Host During Abortion Discussion: ‘Not Your Business’



The hard-Left leaning hosts of The View have been a lightning rod for controversy for years.

Radical, inaccurate, and racially charged comments are common on the show. Token Conservative panel members are often overpowered by Progressive hosts with strong personalities.

On Wednesday, Liberal co-host Whoopi Goldberg swiped at a co-host who did not share her no-limit-on-abortion view. Alyssa Farah Griffin was on the receiving end of Whoopi’s sharp comments.

After stating her view that women should not have an abortion after 24 weeks, Griffin argued that Americans were unable to have “good-faith conversations” regarding abortion—including when the life of an unborn baby should be protected under the law.

Griffin noted that “because of science and technology,” it is possible for an unborn baby to survive outside of the womb at younger and younger ages, intimating that advances in medical care complicate legal rulings regarding when a woman can and cannot have an abortion.

Whoopi took issue with Griffin’s statement, saying: “I actually don’t want to have those conversations with you. It’s not your business.”

Whoopi added: “It’s none of your business! Listen, if I get pregnant and I can’t have the baby, I’m not talking to you … I’m not talking to the government about this, and I don’t see why you are forcing me. I am not forcing anyone to have an abortion. It is up to you and your doctor and your family! No one says you must have an abortion! No one!”

Griffin attempted to interject a comment but was unable as Goldberg and co-host Sunny Hostin both repeatedly talked over her.

Hostin and Goldberg repeated the unsubstantiated claim that abortion laws result in women losing their lives and argued that “the government has no right to protect unborn babies from being killed by their mothers,” according to a report in the Daily Caller.

Interestingly, Joy Behar argued the issue was “settled in 1973” by the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, without mentioning that the ruling was overturned in 2022.

Contradicting common arguments that an unborn baby cannot feel pain, research from the Charlotte Lozier Institute indicates that nerve endings are fully developed by 15 weeks, thus enabling the unborn child to experience pain. Video shows unborn babies attempting to escape probes and abortion procedures.

Multiple surveys show the majority of Americans support restrictions on abortion services after the first trimester. According to a June 2023 Gallup poll, support for abortion drops from 69% during the first trimester to 37% in the second trimester.

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